Waste management & recycling

Separating waste - but correctly! We separate our waste into more than 30 categories, from paper to residual waste to film. We are also constantly working on optimizing our waste processes.

Paper that does not leave our premises as books or catalogs is recycled to 100 percent: Depending on the whiteness and printed content, we return the surplus to the paper mills or have it recycled, for example for the production of recycled paper or egg cartons.

What are the waste categories at GGP Media?

In production, we separate wood free and wood containing papers, as well as printed (monochrome or colored) and unprinted sheets. This has the advantage that high-quality papers can be produced again during the recycling process.

For plastic waste we distinguish between the categories of strapping, plastic canisters, film and the yellow bag.

For the clear separation of machine waste and food leftovers we distinguish between industrial waste (e.g. sweepings) and household waste.

The special categories include spray cans, batteries, electrical waste, soiled rags, toner, wood, solvents and printing inks.

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Head of Quality-/ Environmentmanagement

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