Toy safety – made for kids

The youngest among us deserve the greatest protection. That is why we apply the highest quality and safety standards to our products. Conforming to standards and good.

Different chemicals are needed to produce print media. Because of this, we are fully committed to strict compliance with the set threshold values. This is especially the case when producing children’s books, which we manufacture in line with the safety provisions in place for toys. Upon request, we can test your product, such as a children’s book, for its chemical properties. We do this in line with the European Standard for Toy Safety (DIN EN 71) and have designed our production processes accordingly. You can rest assured that your product will make its way to market with a harmless level of chemicals. Should you wish to carry out independent laboratory testing, we are happy to provide you with the material you need.

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The chemicals used in our products are perfectly safe. See for yourself!