Data security – your data is safe in our hands

Think that trust is good but verification is better? So do we. That is why we protect your sensitive data with state-of-the-art security standards. We maintain strict confidentiality to ensure your next project is both a success and a surprise. Just like the saying: Speech is silver but silence is golden.

You entrust us with your data and we prepare them for printing. For this, the security of your content is the top priority. Once we have your data, they become part of our security system – regardless of any review work for production agreed beforehand. We work with an exclusive filing system to ensure that only those authorised have access to your sensitive data and so that the material remains intact and can be securely archived.

We use Storage Archive Manager®, a hierarchical filing system by Oracle®, to secure and archive data with several integrated levels of security. We use the tried-and-tested program Scope Workflow® by Esko-Graphics® to process and archive your data.

We also regularly back up your data so we are able to retrieve them again at any point in the order process. Content not used for a period of 90 days is automatically deleted.

We also apply Bertelsmann’s guidelines for network security to ensure perfect management of your print data. This means you benefit from a security system that follows the Group’s state-of-the-art standards.

Are you looking to implement a particularly sensitive project? We are happy to work on your project separately in accordance with the security level you need for your individual publication.

Confidential project? No problem!

Are you planning a bestseller? This year’s big hit? But the project must remain confidential to ensure a big media response and big sales when it is published?

We specialise in publishing sensitive publications. We process print data separately and offline, shield our production areas and seal off our transport vehicles, and we hire security staff to screen people on site. Not only that, but all of our security measures can be applied to all areas of production and can be adapted according to your individual needs.

You can rest assured that your project will remain confidential until publication, even in the face of enormous media interest.

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Your data is safe in our hands. Discover our safety concept.