Cradle to Cradle

Together with you, we want to produce healthy print products. From 2021, we offer products manufactured with C2C certification.

What is behind C2C certification?

The idea behind the Cradle to Cradle principle is to think in terms of complete product cycles from the very beginning and to avoid waste. Ideally, the materials and raw materials used are completely recycled back into the production process after use.

A distinction is made between two cycles: the biological cycle and the technical cycle. In the former, the raw materials are returned to the biological cycle as "biological nutrients", i.e. they are composted after use without leaving any harmful residues for humans or the environment. In terms of the technical cycle, the raw materials become "technical nutrients" and are preserved as far as possible in an endless technical cycle. In this way, all materials used remain in a consistent circular economy.

For Cradle to Cradle certification, materials and manufacturing processes are tested for the following five criteria:

Material health - use of ecologically safe, healthy ingredients.

Material cycling - products are designed for material reuse, such as recycling or composting

Renewable energy and climate - recording of energy consumption, renewable energies

Water- responsible use of water, water management and measures to improve water quality

Social responsibility - the manufacturer is committed to social principles

Any Questions?

Jessica Kramß


Head of Quality-/ Environmentmanagement

+49 3647 430-547

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