Our Stories

We tell you about the extraordinary goals we’ve achieved together with our clients. We tell you about the challenges we have overcome together with our employees. We tell you about our company. After all, we’ve been writing success stories with our clients and employees for over 125 years now.

Every story needs a good narrator

The Many Sides of Mr Campbell

He takes literature from all over the world to Pößneck. There are 27 million books and each one is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship – that is what Mr Campbell finds so fascinating. The art of giving a face to great words...

Safe and Sound in Pößneck

Behind the black sheeting is a book that will sell millions of copies – it is so secret that she’s not allowed to talk about it. A prospective bestseller connects with a strategic consultant. Together, they are looking for a large audience...

Our Way to the Green Printer

The relevance of sustainability issues becomes more and more important in the past few years and is part of the daily work in the environment team…

We help Ukrainians

Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, thousands of people have fled. For both the management and the workforce of GGP Media it was important to help as quickly as possible. And they planned their own relief campaign. They wanted to take in refugees directly at the border and offer safe accommodation in Pößneck.

Our industrious Helpers

Since spring 2022 we have not only been manufacturing books, but also honey. Under the motto "A good book needs something sweet", from May until July our new and hard-working little helpers produce honey for GGP Media GmbH and PSC Print Service Center GmbH. In this way, we are setting another example of environmental protection as our corporate responsibility.

Open day

Have you always wondered where the Harry Potter books are produced? Or where all those “Lustige Taschenbücher” come from which have been delighting big and small comic fans for decades? You are interested in the team behind Europe's leading black and white book producer? Then come visit the open day at GGP Media in Pößneck!