Our quality standards:

A new order – for us that means working towards a common goal. Realising individual requirements. Achieving the best result. So you are just as satisfied with our work as we are. That is why we continuously review and optimise our production processes to ensure they follow the latest standards, and why we work to protect your data in accordance with the highest standards of security. But our dedication extends even further: We are involved in local initiatives and associations for whom quality of life at our Pößneck site is just as important as it is to us.

Certified Quality


With us, high quality comes as standard. We guarantee our customers a perfect end product. Every time.

Quality Management

Our goal is to produce the best end product for you. How do we do this? With our own quality management procedures.

AEO Certification

The production process requires the right materials – even if they come from far afield. Speedy customs clearance? That’s no problem for us!

Data Security

Your project is safe with us. We work with verified systems and the highest levels of security. We understand that trust is vitally important.

Toy Safety

Because children are our future, we take special care to ensure that the materials used in the production of children’s books are not harmful.

REACH Certification

We ensure that our products contain exactly the right substances and our production complies with EU-wide regulations.