PSO – certified print quality

Everything to do with production has to be just right to achieve a perfect print result. That is why we place such great value on quality and security. This quality seal means we are guaranteeing you these standards.

We design our printing processes to be as efficient as possible while at the same time ensuring optimum interim and final results. When these results are foreseeable, constant and repeatable, you as the client and we as the service provider can safely rely on a perfect end product. This has been certified: Our offset print ProcessStandard label (PSO) means we can guarantee you that standard procedures are applied in the production of our print products. The appropriate testing equipment and control methods set out under the PSO mean our production processes are monitored, managed and appraised – through print simulations during prepress, during the CTP image setting process and when printing on our offset and rotation offset machines.

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Our environment is important to us, including in our production.