About Us

Found the right words and images? We will create the perfect setting for them! Whether it’s a book, a catalogue or an e-book, your ideas plus our technology equals a bestseller!

About GGP Media


Quality is what we live and breathe. Each day, our dedicated staff give their all so that you receive the best printed product. Discover our full-service, worry-free package.

GGP Media in Figures

How many books do we print each day? How much printing ink do we use each year? Find out about the most exciting figures related to GGP Media.


One team, one goal: your satisfaction. We are part of the Bertelsmann Marketing Services, which means we are built up on a strong competence network. You can benefit from this.

Our Stories

We are in the business of stories. And we don’t just mean the ones that we publish on paper each day. We also mean the stories that life writes for us.