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Found the right words and images? We will create the perfect setting for them! Whether it’s a book, a catalogue or an e-book, your ideas plus our technology equals a bestseller!

About GGP Media


Teamwork is our watchword: Together with our strong partner companies at the Bertelsmann Marketing Services, we ensure you receive the best possible end product.


Since 1891, the name ‘GGP Media’ has represented high-quality printed and digital publications. Each day, our experienced employees work to ensure that our customers are satisfied and that their projects are successful.

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Books and magazines, paper and printed sheets, employees – the most interesting figures about GGP Media.

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We tell you about the extraordinary goals we’ve achieved together with our clients. We tell you about the challenges we have overcome together with our employees. We tell you about our company. After all, we’ve been writing success stories with our clients and employees for over 125 years now.