GGP Media in Figures

Books and magazines, paper and printed sheets, employees – the most interesting figures about GGP Media.

Four million print sheets are processed every day. Out of this, more than 400,000 books are produced and over 500,000 commercial print products.

Piled up, the daily production of our print products is equivalent to a height of 18 kilometres.

Every year more than 250 million printed copies are produced – that is an average of eight books a second.

Every year 70,000 tons of paper is processed – this could cover an area as large as Saarland or Luxembourg.

Every year 600 tons of printing ink is processed – this could paint the Eiffel Tower eleven times.

800 employees work for GGP Media.

More than a million print products are produced every day at GGP Media.

GGP Media generates a turnover of more than 120 million euros a year.

Every project is safe in our hands. How can we guarantee this?