Other certifications

Since 2014 we have been certified according to Imprim'Vert and ISO 50001 criteria. It is more than just two certificates for us - it is our promise to nature.


It is not just the right choice of materials that determines how environmentally friendly a company acts. At the same time we have structured our printing processes in the optimal way for ecological production.

With very low energy consumption our own waste management and compliance with safety regulations for the disposal of hazardous materials our work meets the highest standards.

Our environmentally friendly production of your products is guaranteed by the Imprim'Vert environmental certificate.

ISO 50001 (Energy Management)

Whether it is CO2 emissions or natural gas consumption, we use energy-saving technologies to help the environment. Because we think: Rethinking pays off!

The room and machine temperature plays an important role for a qualitative print product. In order to save as much energy as possible when heating or cooling, we rely on automatic air conditioning with demand-oriented unit control. The result: significantly lower CO2 emissions - while, of course, maintaining the same production output.

Since 2005, we have also considerably improved our natural gas consumption. Thanks to our ecological measures and investments in energy-saving technology we use around 85 percent less natural gas than in previous years. We regularly record our energy consumption by the help of measuring points in the production departments and inside our machines. In addition, we work with an effective and extensive load management system to for controlling the consumption of electricity.

In return of our efforts we have been carrying the ISO 50001 certification since 2014 – evidence that our energy management system complies with the standard.

Our strong commitment goes even further: We continuously develop new optimization measures  for saving energy, such as the use of new in-house generation facilities or renewable energy. Because one thing is certain: rethinking pays off - for us as a leading printing company and for the protection of the environment.

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Head of Quality-/ Environmentmanagement

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We are committed to climate-neutral printing.