Energy management – lower emissions, more for the environment

Whether CO2 emissions or natural gas consumption – we use energy-saving techniques to reduce the strain on the environment We believe that thinking outside the box is worth it!

The room temperature and the machine temperature both play an important role in making a perfect print product. To save as much energy as possible when heating or cooling, we rely on an automatic air-conditioning system with needs-based unit control. This results in significantly reduced CO2 emissions – with the same production performance of course. We have also greatly improved our consumption of natural gas since 2005. With our environmental measures and investments in energy-saving technology, we consume around 85 per cent less natural gas compared with the previous years. We regularly record our energy consumption with measurement sites within our production and manufacturing equipment. We also work on controlling our electricity consumption with an effective and extensive load management system. We have had the ISO 50001 certification in acknowledgement of our work since 2014. This is proof that our energy management system conforms with this norm.
Our strong commitment goes even further, as we are constantly developing new improvement measures for saving energy, such as the deployment of new self-generation plants or renewable energies. One thing’s for sure: Rethinking is worthwhile – both for us as a leading print company and for protecting the environment.

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We are committed to climate-neutral printing.