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Romina Pino – Safe and Sound in Pößneck

Romina Pino – Safe and Sound in Pößneck - She’s in quite a hurry today – she has two important appointments and a presentation. All the same, she remains calm. The security guard gives a  

Our Stories

Our Stories - We tell you about the extraordinary goals we’ve achieved together with our clients. We tell you about the challenges we have overcome together with our employees. We tell you  


Profile - We at GGP Media GmbH are one of the leading companies for the print sector on the European market. As part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group, we are a strong partner in executing  


Quality - A new order – for us that means working towards a common goal. Realising individual requirements. Achieving the best result. So you are just as satisfied with our work as we are.  

Benjamin Habel – An Up-Close Story

Benjamin Habel – An Up-Close Story - When Benjamin Habel reaches for the paint pot, the sleeve of is shirt is pulled up. “Mors certa, hora incerta” – death is certain, but the hour is  


Imprint - GGP Media GmbHKarl-Marx-Straße 2407381 Pößneck, GermanyTelephone: +49 3647 430-0Fax: +49 3647 430-390Email: ggp.kontakt@bertelsmann.deWebsite: www.ggp-media.deCourt of  

The Many Sides of Mr Campbell

The Many Sides of Mr Campbell - He stands in the large hall in front of the gleaning yellow towers of paper and looks up like a mountain climber on his way to the summit. “Fantastic”, he