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Romina Pino – Safe and Sound in Pößneck

Romina Pino – Safe and Sound in Pößneck - She’s in quite a hurry today – she has two important appointments and a presentation. All the same, she remains calm. The security guard gives a  


PSO - We design our printing processes to be as efficient as possible while at the same time ensuring optimum interim and final results. When these results are foreseeable, constant and  

Working for GGP Media

Working for GGP Media - From trainee to shift manager, from young professional to department head – expect a world of advancement opportunities at GGP Media. Our employees take on  


Imprint - GGP Media GmbHKarl-Marx-Straße 2407381 Pößneck, GermanyTelephone: +49 3647 430-0Fax: +49 3647 430-390Email: ggp.kontakt@bertelsmann.deWebsite: www.ggp-media.deCourt of  


Environment - We produce today. And think about tomorrow. That is why we have designed our processes to be particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable – from the printing ink we  

Carbon Neutral Printing

Carbon Neutral Printing - We need energy for the production of our print products. That is unavoidable but, at the same time, it also means emitting CO2 – which has an impact on the  


Recycling - Any paper that does not leave our premises as a book or a catalogue is 100 per cent recycled. Depending on its whiteness and printed volume, we either send the excess back to  

Energy Management

Energy Management - The room temperature and the machine temperature both play an important role in making a perfect print product. To save as much energy as possible when heating or  


PEFC - Sustainable management of resources is an important element of our work at GGP. That is why we use raw materials from responsible sources certified by the Programme for the  


FSC - Managing forests in an environmentally-friendly, social and economical way – that is the mission of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We act in accordance with this idea and we