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Imprim'Vert - It is not just the selection of the right material that determines how environmentally responsible a company is. We have also set up our print processes for the most  

Apprentices and Interns

Apprentices and Interns - Can you hardly wait to begin your practical experience at last, after finishing school? Then you are in just the right place with GGP Media. We offer you a varied  

Our apprenticeships at a glance

Our apprenticeships at a glance - Your job with us: Developing servers, laying networks and resolving disruptions – as an IT specialist for system integration, you will be trained to become  

Benjamin Habel – An Up-Close Story

Benjamin Habel – An Up-Close Story - When Benjamin Habel reaches for the paint pot, the sleeve of is shirt is pulled up. “Mors certa, hora incerta” – death is certain, but the hour is  

Quality Management

Quality Management - We set high quality standards for ourselves and independently review them through our internal laboratory and the Handbook for Test and New Productions (Handbuch für  

AEO Certification

AEO Certification - In addition to production, the storage and transport of our products are also the focus of our daily work here at GGP Media. Because ensuring quality standards is so  

Data Security

Data Security - You entrust us with your data and we prepare them for printing. For this, the security of your content is the top priority. Once we have your data, they become part of our  

Toy Safety

Toy Safety - Different chemicals are needed to produce print media. Because of this, we are fully committed to strict compliance with the set threshold values. This is especially the case  

REACH Certification

REACH Certification - The REACH Directive was introduced to be able to better assess the risks posed by existing and new chemicals to people and the environment. Registering, evaluating and  


Network - As part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group, we offer our clients a strong competence network comprising established companies like Mohn Media, Vogel Druck, Campaign and the