AEO – working in accordance with the customs code

Do you want to market your product within the European Union or even outside of it? We make it easy for you to clear customs with our AEO certification for safe, global trade.

In addition to production, the storage and transport of our products are also the focus of our daily work here at GGP Media. Because ensuring quality standards is so important to us, we work in accordance with AEO certification (Authorised Economic Operator): We are officially accredited as an economic operator. This means that we comply with all safety and customs-related provisions under the European Union’s customs code. Being accredited for our high quality standards means we as well as our clients benefit from the advantages of clearing customs in third countries outside of the EU. If your company is also registered as an AEO, customs clearance during project implementation is significantly accelerated since there is no longer any need to undergo the extensive testing done by customs authorities.

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